How the FXBellz Came to Life

Mark & Annalisa Larm are the inventors of the FxBellz created in 2017. Mark, a Pool Service Businessman is a person who loves staying physically fit. He thought of the new product while working out at home one day. His idea of a weighted FxBellz is a cross between a kettlebell, dumbbell, and a push plate that took working out to a whole new level. After several prototypes they were able to apply for a patent. Their new weighted product was first designed for bear crawling exercise with its flat bottom that allows for a stable bear crawling indoors or outdoors. Its beveled edges and curved handles enables you to do any type of pushup, swings and curls. This multidimensional product allows the user to create unlimited exercise routines.

Once this unique design was created, Annalisa with her past knowledge in manufacturing, Personal Training and working as a Registered Dietitian was be able to combine her skills to help bring FxBellz to the marketplace. During 2021, she managed the tooling and manufacturing and shipping to their front door. Her skills are endless as she takes on navigating social media Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to promote their fitness product throughout California and the United States online. They both continue to work fervently to help people obtain great health by weight training and learning to eat healthy nutritious foods.

Mark & Annalisa Larm, Founders

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