Revolutionize your workouts

… With just 1 piece of equipment.

Revolutionize your workouts

… With just 1 piece of equipment.

Revolutionize your workouts

... With just one piece of equipment.

Let's take it back to true functional fitness

Gone are the days of trying a different workout regime every month, only to be left feeling unsatisfied, tired of doing 100 dreadful burpees in a row, and wondering if this is actually sustainable. FXBellz are strategically engineered to fit into any workout regime and help you craft your perfect workout. From bear crawling to burpees, the FXBellz supercharge every movement for a complete body workout that’s full of strength, power, and no fluff.

Endless Workout Possibilities

From Bear Crawls to Burpees...

Supercharge every movement

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The perfect workout for moms on the go.


I have been working in the health and fitness space for more than 20 years now, and I absolutely love the versatility of the FXBellz.

As a personal trainer, the equipment is functional, encourages multi-joint movements, and easily adapts to whole body exercises, giving the most bang for the buck, as far as the time you dedicate to the workout. Additionally, the price tag is also excellent for a well made piece of equipment designed to be both unique as well as balanced. Plus they are great for in-home use and small spaces because they don't consume a lot of square footage like traditional equipment. I personally train myself for multiple action sports and outdoor adventures including multi-day dirt bike trips, mountain biking, backpacking, and hunting, and I love the Fx Bellz to help me prepare!

Melissa Allen - Human Biologist, Trainer, and Health Coach

The moment I was introduced to the Fxbellz I knew they would help me enhance my burpees. I run Spartan Races and always found burpees to be a challenge. After only 1 month of using Fxbellz I gained upper body
strength, which made burpees a cakewalk.

Leila, North Carolina

I primarily use the Fxbellz while doing burpee's. The FxBellz have significantly improved my form, while adding intesity to the workout. Great investment to making workouts more enjoyable!

Ricardo, Escondido CA

Transform your workout, transform a life.

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Take your workouts from boring to full of